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Nuance has released NaturallySpeaking Ver. 11.5 - Free to Existing 11.0 Users (but no news on Meical 11.5)


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KnowBrainer Posted: Fri, Jul 1 2011 10:14 AM

Many of our customers have contacted us about a confusing Ver. 11.5 e-mail message about the release of NaturallySpeaking Ver. 11.5. The confusing part is that the message could easily be misinterpreted as a special offer to upgrade existing 11.0 end users to Premium 11.5 for $100. This is simply not the case. To make matters worse, 1 of our customers nearly made the mistake of purchasing the Premium 11.5 upgrade for $100 when he was already using Pro 11.5 which would have been equivalent to taking 2 steps backward. If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, contact us at (615) 884-4558 or [email protected] or any Nuance licensed reseller. Here is the scoop:

Rather than just releasing a service release patch, Nuance has decided to go to Ver. 11.5 in order to introduce some new features which include:

1. IE9 support
2. Adjustable sidebar
3. Social media commands (such as the ability to instantly post to Facebook through an IM type of interface)
4. The ability to reverse the damage after utilizing
the "choose all" command (Select-&-Say correction) by saying "undo all"
5. Resizable Spell Correction Window
6. Turn your iPad or iPhone (not currently available for Android) into a wireless Wi-Fi microphone via a downloadable Dragon Remote microphone application
7. Additional iTunes command capability with Bonjour
8. "Quote That", "Bracket That", "Parentheses That" will add quotes ect. to any selected text.
9. Nuance has not yet issued a bug list fix but when the list becomes available, it will be posted on the Nuance website and the KnowBrainer Forum.


Please note that existing Ver. 11.0 end users can upgrade to Ver. 11.5 at no charge if you choose to download but we have been informed that the download may not be available for a few weeks and is so large that most end users probably won't be able to transfer the entire installation. For this reason, full backup DVDs will also be made available.


As usual, Nuance has engaged a staggered rollout. DNS Premium 11.0 end users can upgrade to 11.5 immediately. DNS Pro 11.0 end users will be able to upgrade to Pro 11.5 around July 5. DNS Legal 11.5 should be available on the week of July 11 but there is no word on the release of Dragon Medical 11.5 which still appears to be several months away. If you would like to receive an e-mail notification on when and where to obtain Ver. 11.5, as the rollout progresses, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will send you the “where and when” information as it becomes available. However, please let us know exactly what version and flavor of NaturallySpeaking you are currently using. Example: Preferred 10.1, Premium 11, Pro 9.5 etc... Also note that if you have a previous version of NaturallySpeaking (Ver. 9 or 10) many NaturallySpeaking resellers will be offering introductory upgrade pricing which loosely translates as “1/3 off the usual upgrade price” sale. The new temporary pricing is slated to start on the week of July 4th (only a few days away).

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