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EMR News 07/09/2011


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Nick Harrington Posted: Sat, Jul 9 2011 6:54 AM


Ramsey County Mental Health Center Announces Go Live of DSS, Inc.’s Fully Integrated EHR System

Is your practice EHR-ready? Ask yourself these questions | EHR Outlook

Most Physicians Don't Tap EHR's Full Potential

Health IT a Main Focus for Many Practice Administrators

Hospital installs Electronic Medical Record system

Medical goes digital | The Demopolis Times


Cracking The Body's Source Code With Your Smartphone

Low energy is best for health and fitness devices - Certification & Test


Houston Neal: Your Health Information is NOT Secure, but It's Not an EMR Problem

David Harlow: Healthcare Associated Infections: What is the Message, and What Can We Do About Them?

Christina Thielst: Healthcare Unbound and Redwood MedNet

Avik Roy: Medicaid: How to Reform Federal Funding - Avik Roy - The Apothecary

Dr. Malpani: Preventing medical errors - the role of the patient


Doctor in the house? Maybe not

An online community for Mayo Clinic

All 4 Columbus hospital systems signed on for e-records push | Business First

CMS Considers Rule for Hospitals to Report EHR Measures Electronically

Hospitals Seek Simpler EHR Rules - Health IT Update

Medicare Will Expand Coverage For Telehealth

Attorney Larry Eisenberg Files Two Death Cases Against Physician who Illegally Prescribed Excessive Narcotics

CHESS contracts and license agreements leverage the Army’s enterprise purchasing power

Ontario's docs say electronic records a priority


Healthcare IT booming but faces talent drought - Business - News


Athenahealth up on medical billing product deal

Medical biller CHMB Buys Chicago-based Davis & Associates Healthcare Solutions


Targeted agent addition to herceptin has positive effect on metastatic HER-2 breast cancer

Epstein-Barr virus EBV-positive gastric cancer ? A distinct etiology entity?

Researchers reprogram brain cells into heart cells

Impact of Pegylated Interferon Therapy on Outcomes of Patients with Hepatitis C Virus-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Curative Hepatic Resection

Arthroscopy and open surgery are equally efficacious in treating common hip problem in most patients


Detecting "Lazy Eye" Earlier - Device identifies vision loss in children as young as 2, when it's most treatable


I'm waiting months to see a specialist. What can I do?

How to make that backache vanish - Times Of India


ChiroTouch To Present at the Masters Circle SuperConference

Meaningful Use

Stage 2 of Meaningful Use to be Delayed


Is Soundproofing Hospital/Clinical Rooms Required for HIPPA Compliance?


OpenPCR Do-It-Yourself Open Source PCR Kit Now Shipping only $512

CS 9300 System for Point-of-Care CT Imaging


iPad Case Review: HandyShell Case | Gear Diary

Review: Samsung Exhibit 4G (Phone Scoop)


Betty Ford helped pave road to recovery for stars


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